3 Practical Ways On How To Start Writing Now

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So many articles on the internet about tips to guide you on writing a blog, some are helpful, some just not so helpful, it depends on your understanding of the thing that you read.

Regularly feeding your blog with content everyday can make your blog grow from just a personal blog into a big successful blog. But then it’s not so easy to maintain the focus on growing your blog, especially when you are just starting a blog, you can easily lose and find your blog without any content for months and then it becomes a dead blog.

I have some practical ways that work for me whenever I feel like I want to write a blog post, but I feel stuck and feel that it’s already seems hard to even come up with an idea on what I am gonna write. 

Usually ideas don't come up naturally, you need to force yourself to think about it. Also some techniques maybe need it to have a better view on what type of content you are finished to write. The easiest way is just to begin writing the first sentence, and then more and more until you finally finish a blog post ready to publish.

Drink a coffee

Caffeine is a stimulant that helps your brain awake, basically your brain will mostly be in energy mode unless some stimulant is trying to manipulate it. And caffeine is one of the stimulants that have a positive impact to make your brain work for you, to make it fully change its state from saving energy to an active brain.

Writing involves a lot of brain activity, you need to work a lot with your mind, to think about something, you need your brain to function. And that the coffee does the job and can help that. For me, coffee always works.

Also caffeine has some health benefits for your body like it can improve energy levels and make you smarter, help you burn fat, help physical performance, may lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, protect you from Alzheimer's disease and dementia and it can lower your risk of parkinson's. So don’t worry about the side effects of it, because it’s almost none.

Copy paste one or two paragraph

It may sound bad or illegal when it’s actually not. Because you don’t steal someone's work, you just make someone's work as reference. Of course you must edit the paragraph so it doesn't look similar to the original one. Read one or more articles on the subject, copy paste one or two paragraphs that in your opinion resonate the most or it is the most useful.

I use this technique a lot whenever I feel stuck and there is no way I can write all a single article long from scratch without help from someone's idea. So it’s easier to just copy pasted articles and then make some changes with my own words.

Open word editor, then begin to write a skeleton outlines

In article writing or copywriting it can help plan and draft work. The skeleton is the main idea of a paragraph. Because For me it seems impossible to write a blog post from top to bottom in a single sitting. Writing a skeleton outline to structure our writing and to help us give basic ideas that we can then improvised. 

You don’t need to think about how good or fascinating the idea of the article you are gonna write, or thinking about certain minimum numbers of words in a paragraph, that you feel it’s needed to write ready to publish a blog article. The only thing that matters is the outcome, if you are thinking about those things at the beginning, you will end up wasting your time and not making any progress.


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