How To Update Windows 10 Operating System

Windows 10 check for update

Updating your OS is a simple task that will probably update it automatically, if your computer feels different or you are just curious to check and update your Windows OS here's a few steps on How to update Windows 10.

1. Press windows key or windows logo on the bottom left of the screen.

2. Click the gear icon or settings.

3. Select menu update and security.

4. Click the button Check for updates.

5. And finally Download and install the new updates.

6. Wait the downloading and installing patches process to finish.

7. If it’s required to restart, then restart your pc, make sure all your working documents are saved before restart your computer.

If you are using a laptop, make sure to plugin to source power so your windows update does not break your pc when suddenly your computer is out of power and the updates is only doing it partially.

If you have some crucial information on your computer, or some account that you are logged in using your computer it is encouraged to maintain your system to be always up to date from bugs and security fixes by the OS vendor.

.It is very important that you should not neglect any critical software updates. Using an unpatched/outdated computer is like living in a house with no locks on the doors, inviting unwanted intruders. When you ignore updates on your computer, you are choosing to leave your computer open to infection. Cybercriminals depend on the apathy of users around software updates to keep their malicious endeavour running.

Some reasonable argument why your operating system must always be up to date especially from security patches are:

- You may not even notice that you are being hacked or not

- Hackers and cyber criminals are more active than ever

- WannaCry and ransomware type of malware have been attacking personal and company documents hostage until  they received some amount of payment

- Nowadays the SSO login linked only one email with different services

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