Some Usefull Tips If You Have No Idea What To Write For Your Blog

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The vast and growing number of people on the internet gives you lots of opportunities if creative enough it can make extra income for you, even probably as your main source of income. I have a successful blogger friend that always motivates me whenever he shares his success by just becoming a blogger. 

Writing and maintaining a blog is hard but it will pay off if you discipline enough giving your blog contents. So here are some tips if you struggle with coming up with new ideas for your blog next post.

1. Stop your perfectionist thinking

Yes, coming up with new blog post ideas for your blog is somehow really difficult, sometimes we are too much thinking about people's response so at the end of the day you can end up with nothing. You want everything to be perfect and tidy but those kinds of thinking are just slowing you down.

2. Read some Reddit threads

I have been using Reddit mostly just a silent reader for a long time, reading threads on reddit if you're doing it right can help you come up with fresh idea, you read thread on reddit for possible new blog post ideas. So if used reddit properly, reddit can be an amazing platform for getting inspiration for your next blog post. Lots of useful content on Reddit that you can use for blog post ideas, you just need little effort on selecting or filtering the right content or ideas.

3. Just write whatever comes to your mind

Don’t think about it too much even if it's just trash writing, so be it. Write about anything that you can think of, or the only thing you can think of, at this time you shouldn’t think of what the readers want but more of what you as the writer have to do. Start with a few simple words and then it builds up into chunks of paragraphs, and keeps writing trash, never overthinking it.

Over time your paragraph grows and it will get better. In the process of writing, new and new ideas will splash to your mind, and then you have enough ideas that you can wrap it together into one single post. Writing doesn't come naturally to you, you need to force it and start with something small. After a few minutes of focus on writing you start to get a feeling for what you want to write.

4. Simply look at an item and describe it

This technique i use when i start this blog, i don’t really care if it’s gonna be interesting blog post, readers will read or not, if it’s an accurate post or not, the only thing on my mind is that I just need to frequently update my blog, so at that time my only focus is to keep updating my blog, nothing else, i don’t care whether it’s good or not.  I look up my laptop and lots of items in it, so I start  reviewing whatever software in my laptop with no particular deep knowledge of it.

5. Copy paste paragraph and then edit it so it’s not the same as the original

Ideas don't have to be different, you are not forced to come up with fresh ideas that no one ever heard of those ideas, you can copy someone's ideas, but then you must rewrite it in different forms or styles. 

The easiest way is to read a blog post, highlight some paragraph that in your opinion is the most important or helpful, then copy that paragraph and put it in your word editor. Not any single piece of writing is all important for you, most of them you don’t even need it, mostly are just filler words that are not very useful at all.

6. You don’t have to be strong at writing

If you see my blog, I am totally crap at writing, I don't use the right words, I sometimes don't deliver the ideas efficiently and sometimes some people complain that my blog is difficult to understand. I really care that I need to be better, but in the writing process you shouldn't think about it,  it doesn’t matter much, because afterwards you will get better if you push yourself hard on writing things everyday.

7. Keep your motivation high

We have all been there, just sitting in front of our computers trying to work out what we should write about but end up with nothing sometimes for days even months. Because maybe we are too busy, confused or don't have enough motivation to start. Especially if it’s a new blog that certainly won’t give you any satisfaction, very little views, it just feels like it’s not working, so then it will drain your motivation to continue, and it happens to millions of personal blogs out there.

Blogging may not be the best solution for you because the number of blogs on the internet is already too much, so maybe it’s not the best solution, but it’s still it’s a fact that lots of people who actually made money by becoming successful bloggers.

This post is not about technical guides on how to start a blog, for one reason that nowadays it’s not taking too much effort to start a blog, you can just have one google account and just a click of a button then your blog or website is ready for you. The only thing difficult about blogging is to actually maintain your blog and keep up date with new fresh content.


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