7 Tips If You Want To Blog From Your Smart Phone

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One of the simplest and easiest ways of content marketing is to create a successful blog that attracts a lot of visitors. Because writing on a blog is probably easier than many other types of media content that need to be created in order to attract some potential consumer.

But sometimes you are in the mood of writing content, but you are not always in front of a laptop or PC or mac, you only have a cellular device. It is actually what the situation currently i am in, i wrote this blog post on an Android device with google docs. So it is not a problem whether it is a big fast computer or just a regular cell touchscreen phone.

Here are some tips if you want to write a blog post just by using your phone:

1. Make it as habit

Blogging from your phone may not be as efficient as blogging with your laptop or PC, but actually anything is just a matter of habit, if you are make anything as a habit, whether you are exercise daily, eating healthy food, writing blog from your phone, it’s not as hard as you are imagine. You just need to do it frequently then you become used to it and make every single day get easier and easier. 

2. Don’t waste your time

Every single minute in your life is crucial, if you are deciding things badly you are gonna regret it, whether just wasting time or doing productive things, the choice is on you. 

You want to be able to write a blog post whenever you feel you have free time that you are not doing anything, whether you are waiting for someone to eat out for dinner, for a haircut in a barbershop, literally anytime anywhere that you are outside and the only device you brought is a cellular device. 

3. Small amount of ideas is enough

There needs to be some inspiration inside your head when you want to start writing. And also need some amount of focus. But writing for a blog you shouldn't need that much of focus or inspiration, it’s because you are not gonna write a thorough deep analysis and meaningful words. Especially when you are doing technical writing, as long as you have the knowledge on that particular subject you are gonna cover, you can just express whatever is inside your brain into writing.

4. Push yourself to start

The difficult thing about writing is that you always have the desire that your writing to be really good, but that kind of thinking just prevents you from moving and actually start to publish your writing into your blog. You are never gonna start if you are not pushing the start button, the start button is very simple but it’s the most crucial thing.

5. Don’t have writing everything in a very detail

You don't have to be really articulate about the matter or subject you are trying to cover on your blog. Actually lots of readers don't really care about too many details on your writing, people don't have that much time to analyse your writing structures etc. In fact most of them would probably read only  the heading of the paragraph, they don't need to read lots of your stuff in detail. 

6. Don’t over estimates readers opinion

Although some number of readers will actually read the entire article, even in that case, it is not a big deal, you shouldn't be worried at all, unless you have an already popular blog then yes you have to make as few mistakes as possible. But if you are just a starter or beginner, you just ignore all that readers perspective.

7. Remember your goals

Yes, someday you will grow, but it is not like you can't edit the article that you have published. If one of your blog posts gets really popular you still have the chance to correct your mistakes. So don't worry about that for now, just start doing the writing even though it is not that good and even if you are making many mistakes. 

Content marketing is a never ending opportunity that you may want to involve in this industry either for just a side, your main income or even create a big company from it. The opportunity to thrive in the content marketing industry is still wide open, but the difficulty level also increases as many crowds also want to be involved in.

Your blog can only grow if you maintain it well, you have to post every single day at least one page of content. So if you have free time even if you are not in front of a main device, if you are not in an ideal position to write, try to initiate yourself to start and write even if just using a mobile device.

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