Why People Want Another People to Fail

A tribe going to attack other tribe over scarce resources

In the stone age era, it was easy to tell people to be nice by telling them some mythical stories about the punishment they will get if they do terrible things. But in the modern era where people can learn any information quickly, they have reasons to not believe in any such thing, people are just getting harder to control.

Humans are fundamentally carnivores, we hunt animals for food. We make a sharp arm to defend our tribe when another tribe tries to attack us, we have a very cruel and selfish history in the past that is passed from generation to generation.

To go to the top chain of food, or to go to the top of social class we have to be the strongest. Sometimes by using any means necessary to achieve that goal. And that inner beast that is descended from our past is still inside us. We get jealous when the Success of a coworker means bad for us because we are such a selfish species.

In the past, food can be very rare to find, we have not yet discovered a better way of farming. Our caveman's brain suddenly triggers danger whenever seeing another tribe try to take the same food we have. that we should get rid of those other tribes, we must attack them to secure the limited resources we have.

Some people are genuinely good and willing to sacrifice for others, even though it's very rare to find such people. Usually, it's a parent willing to suffer for the better of their kids, another example can be found in someone who has a religious motive and is willing to do a scary thing like going to war in the name of their god.

But still, the motive of that sacrifice is still very selfish, why they are willing to sacrifice for others has to be a feeling of inner satisfaction and a delusion that this sacrifice makes them feel happy afterward. It's not far away from an advantage to ourselves.

The caveman DNA still persists inside our body, which does not fit in in the current modern situation, because we are living in bigger cities with millions of people that are very hard to control, so we must obey the rules, show good manners, and making cooperation to each other for the better and wider good. We live with fewer consequences but also less real stuff to feel.

It is much safer these days, but still, the world has many problems because we only have one planet to share with billions of people. The Modern world problem is not deadly tribe war anymore, but rather to expand in order to survive a drastic need and demand for more resources. The solution is Elon Musk's way of thinking, that we need to expand to another plane or far away stars and galaxies to colonialism and extract the resource from far away.

Competition is not pleasant, people try to be better than others, making some people feel defeated and eventually making them less sympathetic to each other. It certainly has a negative impact on someone close to them.

Even in the modern era, we still need some older wise person to guide our life. We learn to better handle the worst situation in our mind by learning philosophy. 

Stoic says that external factors are something we can't handle and we shouldn't care about them. Focus on yourself to improve yourself, let us solve our self problems, and not judge others.

Be kind to others as we expect them to treat us that way too.

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