3D Viewer in Windows 10 For 3D Printing

Windows 10 has so many great things shipped by default, the one i am gonna talk about is the 3D Viewer. It is a program you can use for inspect 3D model's mesh, texture, material,animation data, and view 3D files in different shading model.

You can also use this program to work with camera, so you can mix real pictures taken by your camera and the 3D file you can load. It support both for taking pictures only or with video recording. The result will be mixed of your real images and the 3D model. You can even change the 3D model theme for example color, size, and texture, and move you can move the 3D model position.

Before you start taking a picture or record a video you want your 3D model to be perfectly looks and positioned, you can do that, there are lots of option you can do with this 3D Viewer program.

It also support for 3D printing, although I've never done that because i don't have 3D printing, you can do that by click menu File and Print 3D.

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