Windows Alarm & Clock

Windows 10 is really amazing computer Operating System (OS). It has lots of major upgrade from the previous previous which is Windows 7 and 8. From the new cool user interfaces, adding lot of new features and performance enhancement. Windows 100 added new program Alarm & Clock, it is new program really useful for you working with alarms and clock.

As you can see on the picture on alarms and clock program, you can add some cities and know what their time is currently at, and you can also see that the map has dark and light, dark indicate that the place is currently in day night and and light means day light. If you have friends or someone overseas, this map can be helpful for you.

You can also set an alarm to get you up in the morning or whatever time you want to set, the alarm doesn't care if your computer is sleep, as long as it's has enough power or not in low battery condition, it will on automatically in time.

Timer and stopwatch maybe not that big deal, but still sometimes if actually you need it, and Windows already has it.


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