Windows 10 Camera

Windows 10 has a default camera application where you can take a picture or video, but camera in computer or laptop sometimes is just useless, i mean who want to take a picture sitting in a desk? But in any way it's a good addition to the OS,

The new camera program in Windows 10 has lots of settings or configuration, here's a short description of the configuration:

- Pro mode, shows advanced controls for photo and video
- Framing grade has 4 options, they are rules of third, golden ratio, cross hair and square
- Photo quality, you can specify which quality the camera will render, but it depends on your camera hardware, mine is really sucks, the maximum is 640x480
- Flicker reduction, basically to set frame-rates, the bigger the better

You can also change the location where the camera will save your photo, you can enable or disable
whether the photo will contains your coordinate location based on GPS, change some privacy settings, etc.

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