Netflix The Best Digital TV

Netflix is probably the most popular and used TV media service, i am not using Netflix because i don't watch TV to often, but people around me are using Netflix, so it's popular and loved by many people. You can watch thousands of TV program on Netflix, probably every shows that ever exists and or currently airing are available you can watch on Netflix.

Over all Netflix is one of the best on media industry, providing the best service where we can watch show whatever we want. It has lot of programs let's say Movies, TV Shows plus their original programs, Netflix original production, and many many more type of entertainment can be found on Netflix.

You can watch Netflix either through computer web browser, mobile app and smart TV. That's probably what makes Netflix popular and used by many people, there are many option you can use Netflix.

They are just a TV, so nothing special, but because they kind of have everything it makes them big, but in fact, you can watch any entertainment using regular TV or Youtube, you don't need to pay except for the internet.

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