Windows 10 Calendar Where You Can Manage Your Events

As I've already said in the previous post, Windows 10 has so many upgrade, from performance to adding more program, or just upgrade their previous program to be more modern, easy to use and more rich feature. One of the new cool addition to Windows 10 is Windows Calendar, with this program you can't just view full year calendar, you can also add an event you wanna do today or the day before. You can also add an upcoming event, it's kind of reminder so you won't forget or miss an important future event you have.

To add an event just double click on the date of your even, then fill up the event name. You can also set event location and set the time when the reminder will on, either the time of the event, 15 minutes before the event, or whenever you want the even to be on.

You can also sync your calendar event to your Microsoft account, so you will receive the reminder to your associated email.

Calendar is really useful program shipped in Windows 10 by default, you can make your day be more organize, you won't missed any future event if you properly use this program and set it with right time.


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