How To Unpublished Your Android App From Google PlayStore

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Maintaining a mobile app is not an easy task, you must be professional, dedicated your time fully on that, sometimes just once a week sometimes, it is daily, it can drains your energy, so those are the reasons to give up your mobile app and unpublished it.

Here's how to unpublished your Android app from Google Play store.

1. Go to Play store dashboard
2. Select your app
3. Select menu Store Presence, then Pricing and Distribution
4. On App Availability, Select UNPUBLISH
5. And then Confirm

Now your App has been disabled and can not be found and installed by people. It is not permanent, you can just Publish that App again instantly.

Having your own App means you have responsibility about the contents or services you put on your mobile App, it must be accurate and satisfied your App users, not making your users mad or be misleads by the information you provided.


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