Create SQL Server Remote User Login Using SSMS

Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best relational database system in the market. Even though from the beginning of installation it is not easy to do, even creating new user is challenging task to do for the first timer using SQL Server. The syntax of SQL they are using is so weird and different than many other database system like MySQL or PostgreSQL. I used SQL Server mostly for just in development process. And if your struggle to create new user in SQL Server.

Here's how you create a new SQL Server user using SSMS :

1. Login to using your existing SQL Server user
2. Object explorer > Security > Logins
3. Right click on Login and New login
4. Fill in the Login name with your desired login username
5. Choose SQL Server authentication
6. Enter desired Password and confirm the password, bot must be matched
7. Unchecked the Enforce password policy
SQL server add new remote login

8. On the left side Select a page Server roles
SQL server login roles

9. Checked all the roles
10. Then apply OK
11. Now try to Connect with that new user, don't forget to use SQL Server authentication as the login authentication mode

Aside from those disadvantages, people still using Microsoft SQL Server because it's known to be really the best fit for Microsoft Windows Server. Also it has SQL Server Management Studio or SSMS for managing data in your databases using GUI, not need touch the SQL commands. Even though SSMS is also not that very good, it is old dusty system is in my opinion not fit for handling our overgrowing data in this age of internet.

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