How to Make Git Web Interface With Lighttpd

Git Web Interface Looks

Git makes your project development much more structured, you can now which files is being modified by other people on your team, who changed it, when and which lines of code did they changed. You can monitor your project history or commits using Git web interface, it came by default. Using web interface we can monitor our project better.

As usual first init an empty git repository on your server, so that git command will be working under that repository.

git init --bare my-repo.git

Now move to terminal to my-repo.git
cd my-repo.git

Now that you initiated a git server repo, the git command will be working. If your intention is to just starting a web inteface, so you can monitor your repo easily via Web, you can just use lighttpd, it more easier.

sudo apt install lighttpd
git instaweb --start

That's all, just visit the browser http://your-ip:1234, gitweb using port 1234 by default. If somehow if you have firewall not allowing port 1234 to be accessed, then simply:

sudo ufw allow 1234

Now that you have git web interface running, if you want to stop it somehow:

git gitweb --stop

Or restart:
git gitweb --restart

Using lighttpd is just one simple straight way to make git web interface running, it's lot more easier than using Apache. Next time we are gonna cover on how using Apache instead of lighttpd, it will require additional steps.

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