What differences between Dependency and DevDependency in package.json

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Differences of devDependency and dependency are devDependency we use for just development process , dependency in the other hand will be included or transpired into the minification process Javascript files that were gonna deploy it for our run time application.

devDependency more into tools for make us easy on the development process of our application. For example some of command line tools such as angluar-cli or react-script. Also testing tools like Chai, Mocha, Enzyme.

Dependency will be included or transpiled, meanwhile devDependency is not.

Babel, ESLint is example of devDependency.

React, Redux, Express, and Axios is example of dependency that will be use on run-time.

I mean you don't need to learn that much serious about the differences, it's just tooling stuff, don't think about any of that too seriously, don't lead you into premature optimization. When i started coding i never thought any of that thing, i mean as long as you can start printing the traditional Hello World using that tool, you can just start from that time and building things that matter.

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