Not That Very Important Tips About Blogging For Beginner

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The Internet is very huge, and has been growing so fast from just private military projects to something that not only we can just enjoy using it, but the internet also provides some people a way to make revenue. From small scale to big tech companies like in FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google).

1. Don't expect too much at first

To some individual lone wolfer like us trying to make a dime from the internet, it’s sometimes not only so hard, but almost seems impossible. But today we have video streaming like Youtube, you literally only need to upload videos to youtube, probably a little bit skill in video editing, maintain the video quality and chances are you are gonna make some online income if you are very persistent.

Blogging on the other hand seems so simple but as nowadays the internet is already full with millions of websites, the chances of getting success on blogging are probably a bit smaller. But here’s just very simple tips if you are trying to start making pennies from blogging. Just keep adding content! But adding content I mean, write like 1000 words articles or longer and do it consistently every day.

2. Position yourself as a learner

You don’t need to look smart or perfect in your writing, in fact, it’s more engaging to read blogs that are not kind of you are the superior one and treating the reader like they are dumb. Don’t put yourself as your teacher, instead position yourself as you are someone that is also in the same position that you are also still learning.

There’s still some small percentage of people searching for silly things on the internet, so you might create a silly article one or twice to target those audiences. Even just 1% of people of one million, it’s already like 10,000 people, so it’s already a lot.

3. The future of blogging

Some say that this blogging or writing industry might not survive in a few years or decades because of AI that not only can generate humanly writing, they might also create very sophisticated video presentations, which usually people much prefer over writing.  

Blogging will at least survive and will last longer until there’s some very smart AI emerging, like GPT-3 successor or something. But then GPT-3 needs years from now to be very mature and have a general intelligence or at least the same capability in writing as humans did.

4. Sometimes we need to be less care

And also, there’s no reason to not to do something, if you think that writing is something that you like, you need to try in whatever endeavor to make yourself better. Unless it’s very dangerous and life threatening, then sure you should avoid that.

Like this article, to be honest i don’t know what the direction of this article is gonna be, but i keep writing it, and trying to finish it, and then posted it on this blog. Sometimes we need to be careless than to be perfectionists but there’s no actual output.

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