How to Protect Your Windows PC with Cloud Backup Service?

Nowadays, more and more computer users are aware of the importance of computer backup. Because once the data is lost, it may cause serious consequences to users, especially for enterprises and special institutions. However, data on your computer is always facing the risk of losing due to system crash, hardware failure, human errors and so on.

Is it necessary to cloud backup Windows PC?

Since backing up your data on the computer is necessary, what is the best backup solution for computer data? In the past, users thought external storage devices like external hard drives, flash hard drives, USB drives, etc. are safer than local hard drives and preferred backing computer data to these external storage devices. 

But recently, people have realized that the external hard drives are not safe either because they also may be damaged or lost. Therefore, users want a safer backup solution to protect their computer data. According to the 3-2-1 backup strategy, to prevent your data from losing in most situations, you’d better keep your data far away from local hardware. To achieve that, you can obtain help from a cloud backup service.

What is the best cloud backup service for Windows PC?

Now that backing up computer data to the cloud is the best way to protect your computer data, what is the best cloud backup service for Windows PC? Actually, there are many cloud backup services in the market that offers different features and storage plans, you can choose the most suitable cloud storage among them from these aspects as below:

Security: The first thing you should consider is the security because data in the cloud is also vulnerable to hacker attacks or infection by malware. So, the safer the cloud backup you choose, the safer your data will be. In addition, whether this cloud storage complies with GDPR and if it uses encryption to transfer your files are also very important.

Backup space: Whether cloud storage provides large backup space is also an important factor. Because after a long-term usage, there must be a lot of data that needs to be backed up on your computer. So, choosing a cloud storage that provides large capacity can avoid the problem of insufficient space during backup.

Ease of use: The cloud backup with clear interface and user-friendly design can save much time and effort. So, you’d better choose a cloud backup service that you can figure it out quickly and backup your files within a few steps.

If you need a recommendation, CBackupper is worth a try, which is a professional cloud backup service for Windows PC only. The biggest advantage of CBackupper is security. It offers a safe and stable cloud server called AOMEI Cloud to store your data. Meanwhile, CBackupper adopts 256-bit AES Encryption technique while transferring to ensure the security of your data.

In addition, it is also outstanding for simplicity and ease of use. After downloading the PC client on your computer, you can backup the PC to cloud with a few clicks. What’s more, it is also very cost-effective. It only has two kinds of subscription plans - $6.00 per month (1000 GB) and $60.00 per year (1000 GB). Last but not least, each registrant will enjoy a 15-day free trial with 1000 GB of huge backup space.

Let’s see the backup process of CBackupper:

1. Download the CBackupper PC client on your computer and install it.

2. Run the software. Sign up for a CBackupper account for free and sign in.

3. Click on the Task tab and click on the New Task button in the center of the page.

4. Click on the Add Source button, CBackupper will list all the files or folders on your computer. Select the needed files and click Start Backup.

Final words

With no doubt, backing up the computer data to cloud with a reliable cloud backup is the most secure and easiest way to protect your data. Important factors that you should consider while selecting a cloud storage have been introduced in the contents above. If you still have no idea about that, you can take CBackupper into consideration, which is indeed worth a try.

To download CBackupper, go to the official website

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