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I am trying to write anything from vim starting from now, this is actually the first article that i wrote for this blog without using any advanced word processor. I just open terminal, type in vim command and start to create a new file and write this article content.

This may not be very interesting for anyone, but for me it's quite compelling. I really like pushing myself to almost the limit of my capability. VIm is not something extraordinary, probably the majority of programmers even already have  experiences with vim for years. So nothing special.

So little bit about myself, I have been working as a programmer for quite a few years, not that long but i feel like i have been doing programming intensely so it feels like very long for me. I feel that I have enough experience to write any code without any help from IDE, or even from the internet. 

Of course i am not gonna be that extreme, there's a principle  in software engineering that any software engineer must avoid, that is don’t reinvent the wheel. The wheel is already there and working nice and smooth, so don’t reinvent the wheel, don’t make duplicate methods or work or project that has already previously been created or optimized by others.

But if I face a very complex thing that I have no clue on doing it, then first I will start looking on the internet if someone has created a library to solve those complex problems. But if the problem or feature that I want to develop is so easy, like using the algorithm that I am familiar with, then I will start to write it by myself from scratch.

My programming career has been full of copy and pasting someone else code without me really taking care of the code seriously. But from now on, if it's not something very urgent, and the client that i am working for doesn't put me on pressure to finish it quick. Then whatever when  I found some solution online to solve the problem, from Stackoverflow mostly, i will not just copy and pasting the solution, i will only look at it as a reference, then i will try to write it myself each line, try to understand and memorize it.

There’s a recent thread on HackerNews “Buy Don't Build (”, only by reading the title, I already know what the article is trying to convey. You can just buy something to solve a problem instead of building it yourself, you should. Because building everything by yourself sometimes causes you more than simply buying the solution that you are trying to have. 

If you think that the problem you want to solve can easily be done, then sure it’s better to write the code yourself and build it yourself. But if it's so complex, then forget it, just buy from someone else that already built it, per my personal experience, i have failed to build something, i have abandoned so many projects before it reached a fully working project, because i feel like i can’t do it anymore, because i feel like no man alone can achieve what Google or Microsoft have done, they literally have thousands of smart people working together, develop the product for years.

I have always thought that i must be able to build anything by myself, so that’s why i learn so many things over the internet, i tried to google whatever subject that fascinated me, and try step by step learning and doing it to whatever that thing by myself. I feel like if I learn something new, even though maybe it’s not useful, I think it could be useful in the future.

That’s not always the case, yes several things have been true, that i learn something in the past and it’s useful for me sometimes because i eventually doing that thing doesn;t need it.

Don’t overwhelm your brain, i don’t find the proven scientific experiment about this, but probably our brains work like a RAM in our computer, when it’s reaching the maximum capacity, the RAM will try to create a cache page by writing it on the hardisk, then it becomes slow, that’s makes our RAM is not RAM anymore because it reads the hardisk, RAM supposed to be fast because it read data in it’s own storage.

Again it’s not scientifically proven, but as per my personal rational thinking, When our brain constantly adds information into it, when it’s too much, then it becomes like that RAM that writes on hard disk, it then makes our thinking process slower.

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