How To Disable And Re Enable Hyper V On Windows

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If you use an older version of virtualization machine like VM ware or virtual box you might at some point face this problem “VMware Workstation and Device/Credential Guard are not compatible”, this is a message telling you that there’s a conflict from your newest installed program with VMWare.

For example i tried to install Docker (a containerization program), afterward my VMWare stopped working. There’s conflict between VMWare and Docker, Docker can only be run when Hyper-V is activated but VMWare doesn’t work if Hyper-V is activated. 

The solution for this type of conflict is actually very simple, disable Hyper-V when you want to run VMWare and then enable Hyper-V when you want to run Docker that needs Hyper-V activated.

How to disable Hyper-V

1. Open control panel

2. Programs

3. Turns windows feature on/off

4. Uncheck all feature under Hyper-V

5. OK

Disable Device/Credential Guard

It probably is not enough to make your VMWare work by disabling Hyper-V. You need one extra step, by disable Device/Credential Guard.

1. From start menu search for Edit group policy

2. After group policy opened, navigate to Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Device Guard

3. Double click Turn on virtualization based security

4. Check enable instead of Not configured

5. Apply and OK

6. Restart your computer

Now after you restart your computer, VMWare can now be run again.

If you want to Re Enable Hyper-V

Now if you want to use Docker, you can re enable Hyper-V by using this command:

1. Open Windows Powershell with administrator privilege

2. Then run this commands:

DISM /Online /Enable-Feature /All /FeatureName:Microsoft-Hyper-V
bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto

3. Now enable device guard

To re enable Device/Credential Guard basically do the same thing, you just need to check Not configured.

Some programs that require Hyper-V such as Windows Subsystem for Linux and Docker. So far i have only noticed those two programs, maybe there’s many programs that also need Hyper-V but i didn’t discover them yet.


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