Why We Need Better Information Technology Security

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Data security is an important task that must be performed by a business or organization. Several decades ago it might not have been much needed, but along with the rapid development of technology, cyber security is now a very important part of a company that has technology involved in it, especially businesses who use technology that is connected to the Internet.

The following are some of the reasons why we need data security on computers / IT systems. To protect digital data in our database, from destructive unwanted actions by such unauthorized users or from the cyberattack or a data breach.

1. The increasing Statistic of Cyber attack / Cyber crime

We need to look at some statistics on cyber attacks so that we know that recently cyber crime has been very dangerous and has a very big impact ranging from individual users to big companies. And that gives us a solid signal that any IT system needs a better security system and that is very vital.

The following are some facts on the losses caused by cyber attacks:
- The total loss of cyber attacks that occurs worldwide reaches 6 trillion US dollars as of 2021.
- Each year programmers all over the world create or develop approximately 111 billion lines of code, the more the code, the greater the chance of bugs in the code will occured.
- According to the FBI, losses due to Business email compromise or email fraud (fake email) have cost $ 12 billion in the last 4.5 years.
- Hacking kits (hacking tools or software) and hacking techniques have been widely spread and can be obtained easily on via the internet.

2. Technology changes dynamically and rapidly

The development of technology that grows rapidly sometimes can be confusing for the users who cannot keep up to date with the dynamic and fast changing trends of technology, so that users who are not careful enough will be confused and prone to make mistakes that can be exploited by cybercriminals.

For example, smartphones are growing rapidly, in less than 20 years we will be faced with 5G technology, with data transfer speeds thousands of times faster, from previously only SMS to now appearing video conferencing such as Zoom or Google meet.

3. The emergence of IoT-based devices

Some of currently gaining traction of IOT devices are self-driving cars, cars with autopilot capabilities that require data from the internet to smoothly drive on their own. IoT-based technology has a positive effect for us, it makes our life easier. With those growing IoT technologies sure it will be very useful for us. However, the growing number of devices that were once conventional and are now switching to require an internet connection is creating new loopholes for irresponsible people to abuse technology.

In the future there will be more and more conventional devices that will be converted to Iot and everything will be connected to the internet to make the functionality become more and more sophisticated which will cause problems if there is not adequate network security.

4. Financial loss to the business world

The three points above are an indication that cyber attacks are a real threat and will cause some financial losses if there’s no proper data security. Not having a good security system in place, or the absence of awareness that the business world needs a really tight security system, then the business will face a big risk such as:
- Lose of intellectual property (leak or loss of company assets)
- System downtime (for example an attack that causes the system to hang, cannot be accessed or is no longer responsive)
- Losing customers for fear of having their data exposed


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