Add Android Internet Permission In Manifest

Creating an Android app is easy, and lucky us that Android development has such an incredible Android Studio IDE, it helps us a lot to tell us the error at compile time. But unfortunately, android studio doesn't warn us when we miss something important in manifest file like App permission.

We mostly using internet for our app, we get the data from the Rest API, we call the services, which usually a JSON data. And to get your android App working with data on the internet, we must specify one simple line permission in our Manifest file.

You can simply add this line of XML code on your manifest.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

Place your code right after the <Manifest> tag. You can look the picture below, it is my Manifest on my android project.

Now you can run your project again by clicking the Green triangle button on the top right of Android Studio. Don't forget to inform me if something didn't work well.

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