How To Change Windows Date Using Command Prompt

This tutorial is a tutorial on how to use windows command prompt to change computer date. Why using command line, we can just using GUI instead? We can save our command into .bat file and place the file on our desktop, so in case we want to change the date later, we can simply just click that .bat file. Because to change Windows date using GUI is sometimes confusing and not working.

You need to run the command prompt using administrator privileges, to do that I usually click the Windows button to open start menu, and then search for Command Prompt program just by type 'cmd', after you found it, then right click the program and choose run as administrator.

date 12/30/2018

Copy that commands above and paste it onto command prompt, I usually just right click on the command prompt and it will be automatically put the our previous copied text, in this case the commands above that we use to change our Windows date.

Change the date you want, the date format above is by month/date/year, so for example if you want to change it to the second day of 2019, you can do something like date 01/02/2019.

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