Spring Boot Hello World How To

Spring Boot is framework to make web development in Java much more simpler and easier. With Spring boot developing web application can be faster and without having to do lot of configurations. Many modern Java web application are now using Spring Boot.

This post is gonna show you how to create a Hello World in Spring Boot. Just follow the steps bellow.

1. To create a spring boot starter go to https://start.spring.io/, which you will get the zip version of your project, it will be codes templates.

The dependencies we need is only Web, because it's just a simple hello world program, not require database connection or anything.

2. After you got the zip file, extract that file to your project folder, the structure of our hello world project will be like this.

3. Now create new Class for our controller under com.example.demo, we named it WelcomeController.java

4. Run the project. Open the browser and got to http://localhost:8000

Now you can start to build your project using Spring Boot. It is easy to learn and many people already talk about it, so if you got a problem while you coding, you can just ask on google about the trouble you face than the chances are somebody already solve it. Happy coding!

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