Install Email On Ubuntu

This is just a summary on how to install mail server on Ubuntu. You can check really complete tutorial from Digital Ocean blog right here How Install Postfix on Ubuntu 18.04, it's very nice tutorial, you can just follow there for more specific explanation, because this post is not gonna explain it in detail.

1. You can use Postfix

sudo apt install postfix

2. Configure Postfix, leave the default value, basiccaly you just press enter

sudo dpkg-reconfigure postfix

3. Install s-nail

sudo apt-get install s-nail

4. Go to your domain manager, on mail section select type MXE record and set the value to your server IP.

5. Set /etc/hostname to what you want to make something that would be your email hostname, for example

6. To test your email is working or not, you can doing like

mail -s "Subject"

Please refer to digital ocean blog on the link above for more detail.


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