How Many Videos Are There On YouTube?

YouTube is video sharing platform that has popularity all around the world, except some few countries that blocked YouTube like China. The content creator on YouTube that made them big are mostly ordinary people who has creativity to create content like Video Blog (Vlog) or Gaming. It so simple you just talk or record the screen of your video game and if you are lucky you can make living with YouTube, many people have been proved it. You can easily make money with money, all you need is quantity even with little quality. It is okay, people like dumb stuff.

If you wonder how many videos on YouTube, here's the answer, currently it has over 3 Billion Videos, not including video that has been rejected by YouTube because it's violating the YouTube terms of services. How amazing that number is, it is not surprising, because making video is easy, and with the power of internet uploading it online is not so hard. YouTube is free, and even give they can give you money if you get some kind of viewers watching your video.

So rather than uploading it somewhere, it's better to do it on YouTube, everyone can be YouTube start, it is bit harder day by day, but it is not impossible, so just do it

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