How To Install Codeigniter 3 Using Composer

Codeigniter 3 Project Structure

Codeigniter is PHP framework for creating web application with MVC structure, it is good for creating simple web project, because building using the framework is easy and quick, especially if you are a PHP developer.

So here's how you can install Codeigniter with Composer, the PHP package manager we love. So rather than download the zip version end extract it, it get lot more easier using Composer. Here's the command:

composer create-project kenjis/codeigniter-composer-installer codeigniter

The "codeigniter" you can replace it with your project name, as long as it has no space in it.

But we don't recommended using this Codeigniter framework version 3 for building large scale web application, because in the end your code will get clunky and end up being so hard to maintains it. It has no Namespaces, it has no package manager, it has no database migration, it can't integrated with IDE like PHPStorm.

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