How To Backup Your VMWare Player On Windows

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Actually backuping your VM ware player data is very straightforward and easy, all you need to do is copy your VM  folder, move it somewhere safe. Then after reinstalling your VM ware, create a new VM with a similar OS and version, and then replace it with your backed up VM.

Opening your new created VM will work just like it, there’s no special or customization you need to do. It works just fine by replacing your new empty OS with your old backed up VM data. As long as the operating system and the version is the same.

VMWare is one my favorite virtualization tools, it works amazing, you can create and  virtualize an entire operating system. I have probably used other virtualization tools like Vitualbox, but i don’t remember since it’s been so long ago.

VMWare is not just desktop virtualization, I've heard that it is also used for virtualization for running a web server. A lot of customers from individual to large scale businesses have been using VMWare in the production environment.

You can use VMWare in various ways, and it can be done smoothly by VMWare, from simple OS testing to virtualization on the big companies server, some it also used by hosting providers to make a share or hosting, to separate between users/tenants but in the same computer and infrastructure.

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