Social Media is an addictive innovation of early 21st century

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

This is the early 21st century. Social media nowadays is like a basic need for the majority of people on this planet. With the help of our fast processing device called smartphone, social media now has made people using it kind of out of control.

Social media is not to be blamed for making people addicted to it, because it’s fun to use it. Especially when we don’t have anything to do, we only have a smartphone in our hand, social media is like a friend when we don’t have any friends to talk to.

Of course there's a lot of options, lots of apps we can use, games, but sometimes other apps are just too boring. Social media is like watching our friends or someone far away we don’t know, what were they doing, even though they are not present, we feel like we are connected to them. Social media is winning in the smartphone apps world, because we don’t want to be alone, even if it's not perfected yet, current platforms like Facebook are still helping them to connect.

Sharing their photos or short videos is a feature that most people enjoy today. An online album of photos kind of type is what most people like about Instagram. Now Instagram is an addictive social media, it really is probably the most widely used social media today. Many people that are aware of productivity and trying to be less dependent on smartphones have been trying to quit not just Instagram, but also other social media they’ve used, but can’t because they are too fun to forget.

Sharing pictures of our moment in life, making an online album, changing from traditional paper album, that what makes Instagram so special, you can do that on some social media that came before like Facebook or twitter, but the way the simplicity of Instagram to just share photos without many text make many people get attracted into it. When you share your thoughts you can use twitter, share activities to friends, Facebook, share photos, save albums, use Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter still are one of the widely used social media platforms, then coming tons of new rivals, and the pie is getting thinner and thinner, many social media platforms coming like Instagram and TikTok replacing the older not innovative enough to compete in the business, it’s a business of billions of dollar annually, and the number getting bigger and bigger.

The simplicity of Instagram is what attracted many people. Social media is too many, people are too lazy to use many of them with menus, buttons, texts all over the places in the app, it is a different story for Instagram, they don’t put, it makes it easy to use, people finally get addicted to it.

Millions of people are active in this huge social media network, imagine that, posting photos, short videos, comments, liking someone's photos, all those processes happen in  mere seconds.

This is the era of war of Social media platforms trying to convince users which one is the best and which one should be abandoned.

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