Must-have Windows appplication for software developer fresh OS install

Must-have Windows appplication for software developer fresh OS install

1. Gimp

Gimp is an open source lightweight very capable image editor, sometimes we need to just resize, cropping, or layering an image, Gimp can do many things to alter images.

It is a free and fast application, also the learning curve is easier than let’s say Adobe products with many hidden little buttons we don’t even want to know about it.

2. Git

Git is the most popular version control, every software developer using Git nowadays, its command line is simple and we can use it to clone as many cool open source projects as we want. I mean not just cloning, you can use git for your daily routine developing your app in your  professional tech company.

3. Google chrome

If you are using windows there’s already have two ugly web browser by default (explorer and edge), such a waste of disk space, if i could get rid of it i would definitely uninstall it from the beginning of OS installation, it’s an F useless, a clumpy dusted program.

Ever Since i used Chrome, I've never used any other internet browser, this is the modern, fast web browser you need. You can do many things on your computer just using a single Google Chrome browser.  if you are doing office stuff there’s Google docs, if you are using email, there’s google mail, chatting, and many more of apps that can be run on Google chrome.

4. Intellij IDEA

Developing apps is not a fun thing, it’s an activity that requires you to spin your head, you know creating classes, integrating them to work something that outputs very little, like clicking buttons to do some stuff.

It’s a boring repetitive task, finding what methods are inside a class, what parameters are accepted, etc.

Lucky there’s a program capable of automation in programming, IDEA is the most advanced code editor i’ve ever used. An amazing program with many plugins to support your work to make it less boring and coding can be a bit fun.

5. Microsoft Word, excel, powerpoint and visio

Working with documents sometimes can be a fun activity to do in your daily routine work, to be honest I rarely have ever used Microsoft Word to write anything of my work, it’s not efficient, i’d rather use an online Google doc. Just because someone already sent me a DOCX document is the reason to use Word, yeah it is possible to open it in Google doc, but sometimes it doesn’t, i guess they are working on it. But often MsWord can do what google doc can’t.

Excel is the best spreadsheet for offline work, Google spreadsheet sucks, but because you can share your spreadsheet to someone else and do collaboration online make google spreadsheet lead.

Powerpoint to make presentation is still dominating the earth in the presentation teritory.

Visio to create diagrams is also my favorite app, non application so far i use other than this application to create a diagram and stuff.

6. Microsoft visual c++

There's a lot of versions of this so called library, ranging from Visual c++ 2010 to visual c++ 2019 and each has either 32 or 64 bit, so don’t panic and don’t do anything about it if you find  many versions of it, it is harmless and just few megabytes footprint.

Many developer of Windows application using so called Visual studio to develop their application, when the program shipped to your computer they include this inside the installer, sometimes they don’t, so if you have some error like VCRUNTIME xxx dll missing, it means that you need to manually install them. You can go to THIS LINK to download and install it depending on what version your program needs.

7. NodeJS

Developing a Javascript application can be alot easier using node package manager and nodeJS technology. Today Javascript gained more and more popularity because of NodeJS making us develop applications in javascript much more robust. There’s tons of libraries written in Javascript and you can use it easily by just executing NPM INSTALL from your command prompt.

8. Notepad++

Microsoft has its own legacy text editor, the very simple Notepad, but it's painful to use unless you just need to edit a very short text and not make major changes.

So the notepad++ is a replacement of this old still useful notepad, it supports many stuff in it for editing text much easier, even if it’s a long text based file. You can change the appearances, wrapping even a lot more, you just need to install a plugin available on their plugin store, for literally whatever you want to do with your text.

Also notepad++ is a very very light application, in nanoseconds it opens instantly even if you have many tabs you forget to save, it will open as soon as you double click on its icon, you will not lose your unsaved document in notepad++.

9. Sublime Text 3

This is actually a code editor which is very simple, no code auto completion, no refactoring, nothing but a text editor. People use sublime text I think mainly because it is very fast and has a cool interface, code highlighting with colorful text. Other than that, it’s very difficult if you are not an advanced programmer.

10. TeamViewer

If you have to work remotely, you can use this tool Teamviewer, the best in the business. It is an amazing app because it is capable of connecting us to some other computer we want to work with.

11. VMWare player

If you are a cross platform application developer, you can install multiple OSes under your real OS. VMWare provides a Virtualization solution to do that kind of stuff. You can install as many OSes as you want as long as you have enough disk space.

There’s two versions of VMWare, the PRO and Player version. VMware player is the free version, you can install it without costs and use it anytime but with limited features.

12. Winrar

It is often much safer and efficient to distribute files as a compressed ZIP format. Whether you download it from the internet or transfering from flash drive, you need to decompress it before you can open it and do something about it.

Winrar is i believe to be the most used ZIP extractor, compresor application in the computer world. I’ve been using several people's laptops and found the exact app installed in each of them. It’s no strange at all, because Winrar is the most capable and efficient tool for compressing and extracting ZIP or RAR files.

13. Winscp

You can transfer between your local file to a remote file on the server via many different options, whether FTP connection or SSH connection. WinSCP is a GUI program with a file  commander interface, so you have two sides of directory trees on your local and remote side, when you want to upload or update, as simple as clicking the upload button.

WinSCP is very useful when you are doing scripting type of application development, you can upload your patches straight to the production server with WinSCP.

14. Yarn

This is a very simple tool mostly useful for doing Front end application development using Yarn. It’s just a replacement of NPM, but i don’t know if maybe it's a political thing that Facebook React will only be compiled if using Yarn, sometimes it doesn’t work if using NPM, something about circular dependencies hell.

Install it won’t do any harm or affect anything to damage your computer, it’s just a small lightweight program.

15. MySQL 8

For your backend application development, MySQL is in my opinion the straight solution, for just development process sometimes whatever database you use is acceptable, and mysql is enough to do basic database storing and manipulation operations or whatever you want with the data.

From installation setup to its SQL dialect, MySQL is one very simple and popular among other RDBMS systems, it is much easier for beginners to use it and learning material is available almost in every corner of the internet.

The latest version is 8xx, unless you are a very lazy developer, you will not install an older version of MySQL than the MySQL 8xx version. There’s not much change only probably the ‘GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column’ thing which is very easy to solve.

16. Apache HTTP Server

People often called it simply Apache, yes it’s kind of like the Apache Software Foundation only maintains one project, an open source web server project. No, apache has a lot of cool projects, but never mind.

So Apache is a very cool kind of semi lightweight web server, not only people use it just as their development tool, it is also ready for running in a production environment. Don’t worry about your website will crash suddenly, Apache is very well maintained and responsible for so many majority websites we visited on the internet.

17. PHP

The same case as Apache, it’s often bundled together with Wordpress. PHP is also responsible for so many majority websites we visited on the internet, mainly blog and small ecommerce website.

PHP language and the PHP interpreter is easy to install and easy to code. PHP can do very sophisticated backend capability, to connect to a database to output a JSON, to parse an XML and many more can be done by PHP.

The simplicity of the language is probably what makes PHP very popular for beginner to learn website stuff.

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