What You Need To Know About Java Platform - For Beginner

What You Need To Know About Java Platform - For Beginner

Java is an amazing platform, both as a language and its JVM. The language is not that beautiful but it is concise and can be easily integrated with IDE. The VM may not be that good either, some say it's a clumpy-memory hunger program, but surely the cross-platform thing makes it fascinating.

Here's some Java related terminology in Java you need to know if you are beginer in Java application development.

1. Java the language

It’s a full object oriented language, which means everything must be written in a class style. So after the class is initiated then you treat them as an object where you can do some operation using its properties and methods.

2. JDK (Java Development Kit)

JDK is a set of tools mainly for compiling Java code into binary JVM bytecode. So then you can ship your product in a binary either JAR or WAR after your code is successfully compiled by the javac command included in JDK.

3. JVM (Java Virtual Machine)

The JVM works as runtime for reading Java bytecodes, so nowadays, Java is not the only programming language that can be compiled to Java bytecodes. There are some languages for example Clojure orKotlin which can compile their code to be executed by the JVM.

4. IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

So you can use the powerful IDE like Intellij IDEA, the best Java code editor, to devops Java apps. IDEA is so smart, with so called code autocompletion, refactoring, database integration, version control, integration, testing, running, compiling, and many more you can do with additional plugins you can just install to develop your Java application faster and less nerve-racking.

With a fully integrated environment, we can write codes without trying hard to remember all of the classes, methods, parameters because the IDE will help to autocomplete it.

5. Build automation/dependency manager

Java dependency managers like Maven and Gradle also work amazing. Just copy-paste the library we want, it will download and manage the library automatically. They can also work as an additional plugin for running, testing, and compiling our codes.

I always have a motto that Less code is a better code. So to indicate a good software project is when they can minimize overwriting codes, the chances are people out there already write what they want to write, so we just need to find and use their work, rather than writing it from scratch by yourself. That’s why I love depency managers like Maven, we can just search on the internet and use it.

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