Coronavirus positive impact on people become aware to live more hygienic

Photo by Michael Amadeus on Unsplash

This corona virus named Covid-19 originated from Wuhan, mainland China has been spreading the last couple weeks, believed to be started at late 2019 and still spreading till this day.

Since the news about the virus is coming out everywhere on TV, on the internet, I notice that people around me are starting to be aware about their personal higenity. They wash their hands frequently like I've rarely seen before.

I think we should thank the internet because people are able to find a way by searching on how to prevent Covid 19 or any other disease related to the virus infected them. Also social media which i frequently use people posting positive to encourage people on their personal hygiene.

Coronavirus impacts on people hygienity, they are becoming aware that if they don’t wash their hands for example they can be infected and it’s kind of a positive impact of the virus for the people who are not infected by it.

But I hope this awareness that our body is fragile to even small viruses so people can keep their body clean, they are aware of those things even when the corona virus is completely eradicated someday.

It’s not sure that the spreading of the virus is slowing down or vice versa as simply there’s too many people, so many cases are still undetected.

The cure for the virus is still not yet available, although many tests are being held by the Chinese government, WHO, the US, the the formula for combating the virus is not yet to be found.

It’s true that some are recovered but not with the right medication, it is simply that the people who recovered from the coronavirus have immunity strong enough to combat the viruses and so they recovered just like mild influenza or any other mild illness.

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