How to install Mac OS Catalina on VMWare on Windows 10

Mac OS Catalina 10.15.4 on VMWare player 15

Yes it is possible to install Mac OS on VMWare, or even whatever OS you want to, VMWare can handle it. It just sometimes VMWare doesn't want to load your OS image perfectly, so it needs special tricks to handle the situation to make it work.

In this tutorial, we are going to use VMWare player version 15.5.1, so pay attention if you don’t have the similar version like i use, it may not work.

  1. You must have a WMDK image of Mac OS, you can find them on Geekrar dot com
  2. A patch tool / VMWare Mac OS unlocker, to make Mac OS available on the list of OSes when we are trying to create new, also available from Geekrar

So here’s steps how to install Mac OS on VMWare

  1. Download and extract the patch tool, then Install the patch tool, by right click on ‘win-install.bat’ and run as administrator
  2. After finishing install the patch, close and reopen VMWare
  3. Now create new Virtual Machine
  4. Configuration, select Typical
  5. Install from, I will install the operating system later
  6. Guest OS, Mac OS
  7. Version, select the Mac OS version you want to install
  8. Virtual machine location, leave it by default
  9. Disk capacity, 100 GB
  10. Select the Store virtual disk as single file
  11. Then, Edit the virtual machine settings
  12. Increase the memory to half of your system’s memory
  13. Increase the processor to at least 2 or more
  14. Install the OS
  15. There’s two way Mac OS can be install on VMWare:
    1. Using mac OS bundled in ISO format
    2. Using VMDK (a VMWare virtual disk that contains mac OS)
  16. If you are using mac OS ISO image file:
    1. Click CD/DVD tab
    2. Use ISO image file, then browse the mac OS image
  17. If you are using VMDK:
    1. Click Hard disk (SATA) then remove it
    2. Then add new Hard disk, by click Add button
    3. Select Hard disk, then next
    4. Virtual disk type, select SATA
    5. Disk type, use existing virtual disk
  18. Then browse and choose the VMDK file that contains Mac OS
  19. Finish

It’s a bit tricky to install Mac OS on VMWare, the first time i did that, it spinning my head, spending days after days always ended up not working. But after you already know the solution, it’s actually easy.

That’s it, and if you have trouble just leave a comment, maybe I can help. I didn’t include a detailed tutorial or detail picture on installing Mac OS on VMWare, this only shows you a big picture steps on how to install Mac OS on VMWare, again it’s actually easy straightforward steps, but sometimes you just get confused and not following the instruction.


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