How to restore a SQL Server backup file (bak) database using SSMS

Microsoft SQL Server

It is not a hard task to restore our backuped SQL Server database data, but it's a bit tricky for a newbie because sometimes the error message provided by SQL Server is sometimes not straightforward and can lead to confusion for beginners.

The first time I tried to restore a database was literally quite a stressful experience. so i don't want you to spinning your head like i did, these are main advice for doing restoring database in SQL server using SSMS:

- Don't create the database
- Put the backup file in the right location

In my machine it is C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL14.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\Backup (It depends on your version of Sql-server)

It is easy to restore database from SSMS, here’s how:

1. Right click on the 'Databases' then 'Restore database'
2. After popup open, on the Source field, select Device
3. Then click the three dotted button to browse your backup database
4. After that just press OK and you're good to go

Well SQL server is a big clunky Microsoft based database system. To be honest for my personal project I don't really like it, i'd rather choose a lightweight cross-platform database like Maria DB.

But sometimes I did use SQL server for my client, because they did on a larger scale of business, that's maybe why they love to use SQL server, it is an enterprise level, high scale, high performance, high security level, premium database system.


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