5 Reasons Why Java Is Amazing

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Java as language and as platform is an amazing ecosystem for developing and running application. As a language, it is fully Object oriented, fully static typed and incredible consistent in the language design. As a platform, it is big run time environment, supports many incredible cool feature like threading, garbage collection, and of course cross platform.

1. Threading

With threading you can continue working on something and let the process running on the background, so your work can be done while other process can also work simultaneously.

2. Garbage Collection

Managing memories running in our computer system is not an easy task, and it should be done by the system, not by us. Java can detect which block of memories that our program doesn't need it anymore and remove it.

3. Cross-platform

There are 3 major operating system in the PC market, also Android and IOS on mobile phone, writing to that is not a good approach and time consuming. Java compiled program actually can be run on those device with just single base code.

4. So many libraries

What kind of application you usually build? web application, there is Spring framework, and lot of others. From JSON parsing, logging, testing, to complex AI things are exists on the Java community library, just search it online you will find them.

5. Maven

Build tools can ease our work, managing  libraries just as simple as adding <dependency>LibraryYouNeed</dependency> to your pom.xml. Also debuging, testing, compiling and deploying our program can be done by the help of Maven. Many plugins though.

Literally just a single code base, you can shipped your application to almost any operating system and devices. So Java is one big amazing product. Also support from many development tools, my favorite is Intellij by Jetbrains, it so smart, probably the smartest IDE the world have. You can do database integration, code completion, refactoring and supports for many framework and libraries.

Some say Java is dying, but those rumors has going around since the Java One, and there is no indication of it's declined. This ecosystem just become mature and prefect. Many new library come, and some old still being maintained, don't worry about it's future, it will still be there, as long as computer exist.

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