Top 3 Worst Social Media

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Social media has been probably the world most what people mostly spend their time when opening their Phone, millions if not billions people around the world Posting their status, Photos, live videos, etc. I don't know why is that fun for most people because i think posted something in social media is Worthless, and most of the time it can arouse jealousy when for example you posted a vacation to a fancy places but the people seeing your post can't afford the same thing as you do.

Either you like it or not,  we are a selfish creature, we have selfish gene. We tend to feel superior to other, that we are better than the other, and the other is moron. Just that sometimes when we want to express our thoughts, and we don't think twice, it's go beyond boundaries. We crossed the line and inevitably making tweet so eagerly and make thousand of people getting angry, it happens a lot.

It's kind of biased, but I'll try to rank the worst social Media I've known and i use in the past, from the Worst to the less worse. I ranked it from just simple aspect like which is either it is can be useful or it's just kind of toy for adults, and completely just gonna be ultimate your life wreck.

1. Twitter

Twitter is social media that's so useless, it can't do nothing, limiting text to just 120 characters is big negative point for this social media, what you're gonna get from that short word, nothing. You will get nothing from other people or celebrity's tweet

2. Instagram

All social media is bad, Instagram for me is the second worst after Twitter, sharing your photos to people you don't even know publicly is, unless you are attractive enough so you can be a model or somebody can endorsed you to promote their product, if you are just a normal or even considered ugly Instagram want help you in any way.

Of course it is not about showing off, you can share many of your creative works, but again if you are just a normal or even lazy person, that your work can't never go further.

3. Facebook

Billions of people using Facebook, actually there are lot of opportunity you can do to maximize the potential of Facebook. You can create a positive campaign for climate change, or any kind of campaign, Facebook offer lots of features. It easy to screw on Facebook, if you posted something your friend feel offended, it a can cause your life.

I am not saying that Social media is not 100% bad, it is just the nature of its design is just programs you into consumer or toys rather than something that can leads you into a better person. Unless you have brain smart enough, any kind of social media is just a destructive technology that can make people lazy, dumb, and so many other negative impacts.

Only two option either you want to close your all social media account, or focus on just one social media account, and then maximize any potential opportunity that social media offer, like make you famous or doing social media marketing. But again it require a lot of hard work, and social media marketing won't work if people started to realize the badness of it and leave it.

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