The Worst App Ranked

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Mobile apps has been probably the most attraction thing for today's people around the world play with, it ranges from Productivity, like taking photos, Recording video, making notes to just bad as Phone is just another toy for adult to spend their times, like Social media, watching silly entertainment Youtube videos, etc.

And here's the worst app ranked personally by me, i don't have broad list ranges of apps, but the app that is listed below is the very popular app yet it can impact me in negative way rather than it's being useful and help me to be better in life. So because the impact of these apps is for me make me worst, i decided to not using it, i used to playing with it but now i don't, i completely avoid them because it is not just useless but also it din't help me in any kind of solving any of my problems.

1. Facebook, twitter, Instagram or any kind of social media

Social media for me is the worst invention of the internet, if you think it deeply, there's nothing with it, and the app version is even worse, because they have ability to make pop up notifcations into your phone so easily, you will get distracted by it and finally scrolling to much that social media timelines, which is again if you think of thing deeply, there's no any single thing good on it. Better to remove any of your social media from your phone, just leave it, and start something much more productive.

2. Shopping app like Amazon or Ebay

Yes it helps you to buy stuff online, because it is mostly quicker with phone than visiting the web, but the problem is if you keep that shopping apps on your phone, you are gonna open it and you are being exposed by their products recommendations, and you have urge buy it even though you should probably don't because is not so much your need.

3, Mind games

There's no way you can improve your brain, your intelligence by using that kind of apps, it just a complete scam. For me, watching educational video talks, or simply just reading online articles is the only way you can actually learn and improve your thinking ability.

I would say, 90% mobile apps that exists either on Google play or apple store is bunch of useless. If you really care about your future, or your current state of mental and physically to be better, just remove all of them, except browser, contacts to make and receive phone calls, any kind of messaging apps. other than that just avoid them. I mean you can install it for once, and try it, but don not settle, just remove after you quit that app.

Social media is the worst invention of the internet, i mean it can connect people, but believe it or not, you can connect to another people without social media, either meet them in real life or just use text or phone is enough and is probably the best for you.

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