How To Create Phpinfo to List What PHP Configuration Have

PHP is programming language mainly used by Web developer to develop their web application. It is actually one of my first programming language that i learnt in the past. It is a simple easy to start programming language to do a web development. Capable of doing database transaction, JSON parsing, file operation, etc.

Sometimes when you develop your web application and in the middle of your activity you find a problem with your codes, and you need to now detail about your PHP configuration for example, whether MySQL module is enabled, XML parser enable, etc. You can check all that information by using a single PHP function.

You can use phpinfo() function, to enumerate all your PHP configuration have. You simply only need to create a file, let's give it a name 'phpinfo.php' and the content of the file is this one single line PHP code:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Now open the browser and locate to that file, for example if you are developing your app on your local computer, you can go to http://localhost/phpinfo.php , the page will be similar as this picture below.

phpinfo() PHP-7 configurations information

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