Windows 10 Runtime Broker

Windows 10 task manager

As a Windows 10 user, i am really impressed how much this OS is helping me in a lot of situation, for me it is probably the best OS in the world, it is fast and have many pre-installed program so that i do not need to search online for program some basic use case like browsing the internet, playing music and video, taking screenshots, and many more. But still the OS has so many downside. One of annoying things on Windows 10 is, for me there are some background process that i don't really know but they consume a lot of my computer resources like RAM, CPU or Disk. Windows Run-time broker is one of that annoying background process.

What is Runtime Broker? It is a Windows process to helps manage some permissions on our program that we installed them either from Microsoft Store or directly download installer from the internet. So basically this process will run if only we installed some buggy apps to our computer. It is not 100% Windows fault.

Should i disabled it? Again, the problem is not in Windows Runtime broker, it is on some programs you install that it is not very much optimized by the vendor of that program so that it can caused to eat lot of memory of your PC.

Some not very optimized app can cause Runtime Broker to so much RAM, Runtime broker should only use a not more than gigs of memory. Unfortunately it is hard to find which program that caused it. But if you still want to stop run-time broker.

Go to Task manager, right click on Runtime broker, and End task.

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