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As a programmer i am very often forget what some sort of commands or syntax to do some even basic software problems, documentation can be really useful for us to search for what we are trying to solve. Usually all programming languages already has their documentation on their official website, it is up to you to search the information you need either from the official or on Devdocs.

The thing about Devdocs is, it has cool web interface, some clear explanation and examples on how to use the language syntax, and there is offline features, so you can still read it even if you don't have internet connection.

Usually Google is the only best place to search for everything about all problems we faced, but if you are a programmer advanced enough, maybe you don't need Google at all, you already familiar with all the syntax in the world and just coding on your favorite IDE and never bother to open web browser.

Devdocs is cool program, you can get reference, reading the documentation of some commands that you don't know before and read it and try it your self on an actual development environment. It has lot of version of programming language, from the not safety type language like Javascript to the popular Object oriented Java. All kind of programming language exists in the universe, from older to newer version of it, all available on Devdocs.

Devdocs is just kind of reference, if you are just beginner programmer, maybe this tool won't help you that much, it can be confusing and hard to understand. You should probably learn programming language somewhere else before using Devdocs, it's not gonna help you that much.

For further reading all varieties of programming languages documentation, go to for the real Devdocs website.

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