The Worst Mobile Games Ranked

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Video games has been developed from simple ping pong black board and white ball and lines to and advanced 3D almost looks real. You can even play really good graphics games in phone these days. The problem with playing games is you kind of forget to manage your times, i mean playing games can be refreshing after long hours of work or any kind of routines. Playing games sometimes we forget times. Some games they provides lot of not real items to you too buy virtual things, that we can not touch or feel, for example virtual guns, virtual dogs, or even virtual girlfriend, it is really not good for you to spend money on those things.

So here i am ranked some mobile games that I've played in the past, they provide some interesting game play but it is not very good for our future, because i end up wasting lots of money and time that i should do something much more productive.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG has been so successful on PC games, and with after they launched it on mobile version, it is becoming even more popular. I actually don't play this game, only once and i decided to uninstalled it from my PC because it is not my type of games. I don't know why people like this game so much, shoots another person even though it is not real is kind of bad. There's no scientific data about playing first person shooting games can affect their psychology so they can shoot real people in real life, in my opinion, whatever it is what we are doing can affect everything.

2. Clash of Clans

This one of probably the most grossed mobile games, millions of dollar revenue each day since the beginning of when this games launched. Again i am not playing this games, just one time in the past and quickly not getting my attention so i removed it and never ever play or even installed this type of game on my phone.

Not enjoying this games, do not love the game play, waiting and waiting for just building a virtual hut. Why would anybody do that? just build real hut in real life, stop wasting your time and your money on these games.

3. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Not even installed it once in my entire span of life, just watching another person on Youtube playing this games is enough to annoyed me, this is low class games, nothing special, require lot of concentration, required lot of times to , you need to work hard in this game to get to the highest level, then what you get?

Playing video games without brain is stupid. You can make lot of good money if you smart enough, if you focus, if you are not just regular player. You can join one of the games competition and hope you can won it and take good lot of money, but again, if you smart enough, work hard enough, not just regular gamers.

You can play those games for fun, but i think you should considered trying something else besides games, because it is not gonna help you in any way. You can read book, you can read blogs, you can gain lot of knowledge for your best future.

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