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I don't think anybody can ranked the worst website single handedly, because the reason is obvious, there's to many website, millions of them, circulating the internet right now. It requires lot of times and professionals who's have tens of years of experiences surfing the internet to actually ranked list of the worst website. And again, it's still gonna be impossible, because bad and good is kind of relative, some may find one website is useful and they love, some may don't and hate it.

Here's i try to list for you in my opinion as I've been surfing in the internet for years on the internet. But it's not gonna be a really good list, again it's kind of biased, without further ado here we go:


This website mainly focus on weird stuff that targeted some lazy nerd browsing the internet, for example What Type of Sandwich Are You,  Your Pizza Options Will Reveal How Many Children You’ll Have, and many nonsense quizzes on there, and if you read it it will not only a waste of time, but possible can make you less intelligence.

There's tons of ridiculous and totally worthless thing on It is really recommended that you avoid read such a trash content, anywhere.


If you are struggling with something and you searching on the internet, and you will found this website on the most top list in Search engine like google, but the content this website is crap, i would say, you will got nothing from it. It is long list of craps.

They give you too much information that you will find it's hard which the information is you really need, and you will get nothing after reading the long contents they provided. The steps they gave is somewhat hard to follow.

I've been encounter Wikihow many many times when i search on the google, and none of their solutions ever works for me.

3. &

The world of social media is one of the most destructive technology invention the world ever discovered after atomic bombs. In my opinion, there's nothing good with social media, especially twitter. Twitter only offer you to write not more than 140 characters, i mean what can possibly be to learn from that spans of short words, nothing. If not hate-speech, bully, or sexual harassment or brutal violence content, there's nothing good with twitter. is slightly better, but it's not much different than Twitter.

It is easy to spread hate speech, bullying, even radical doctrines that can lead anyone joining terrorist group. They can even create their private group for planing and doing terrorist act. Internet is scary, you will end up wasting hours of hours of your valuable thing if you are not smart enough and have no control or knowledge about the danger of the internet, it can literally ruin your life.

You might be misread something and interpret what it is not what the writers meant. And the other part of the internet, you can easily find even worse than the 3 websites i mentions above. Negative contents can be easily found on the internet, they can delude you into something negative so powerful so you can lose your identity, and doing something irresponsible behavior.

Also some negative webs, can also trick you to enter your credentials information like username and password and then they save it and use it to login to your account and if there's any valuable thing within that online account, they can take it and maybe use your credit card and steal your money.

Be careful when surfing on the internet, avoid any dangerous website, just don't too much using the thing that isn't necessary for you, make a stop limit when you should decide to go back to your actual work. Be careful when uploading stuff on social media, do not to offensive, don't share any of your personal information and the important thing is that you can control your self to avoid any damage that can happens to you.

You know, in the old days, in the early computer invention, they use computer for works, to do business, to boost productivity, to defense from the enemies attack. Not for fun, people today using computer or smartphone more as toy rather than tool.

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