Disable Auto Save Code in Intellij IDE

Intellij has been really the best and my favorite Java IDE so far, I know it is a paid IDE, it is not free, well they have a free version, but has limited capability and features. The thing that makes this IDE so great is that its code completion and bunch of plugins that can be really helpful to develop our Java program.

To do disable auto-save code in Intellij, here's the simple steps:

1. Hit the File menu and choose Settings

2. On the left pane, Appearance & Behavior, choose System Settings
3. On the pane of System Settings
- Unchecked the Save file automatically if application is idle
- Unchecked the Save file on frame deactivation

Now whenever your file is modified, it won't be automatically saved, we need to mark which files is not saved.

4. Still on Settings, on the left pane, choose Editor > General > Editor tabs

5. Check the Mark modified (*)
6. And also increased the Tab limit from default 10 to 50, or whatever based on your need

Now Click Apply and OK, no need to restart the IDE.

And now whenever you modify any file it won't be automatically saved, so makes your to hit CTRL+S to save your codes changes. All the codes that aren't saved yet, will be marked with asterisk symbol (*).

Intellij IDE by default is auto saving the code or class as we finish typing, i think it is the right behavior for a typical Java program and most compiled programming language, because the codes is meaningless texts before it get compiled by pressing a Build button. But sometimes we need to work in auto-reload environment where it is not efficient to have auto saving enabled, so we need to disable the auto save functionality in the IDE.

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