Drinking Coffee Help You Boost Energy And Focus, But...

Insomnia coffee, Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

If you feel dull, or unmotivated it is probably because your energy is low, I often feel that when trying to start work and get nothing done because the lack of focus and energy. Then i decides to brew a cup of coffee, a few minutes later, not only it warms my body, it also boosts the energy level, help me really focus to get done the jobs i have.

Drink a big glass of coffee is my routines, I start brew coffee in the morning or in the late afternoon if it's weekend, for me, I can't  start working if i don't have caffeine in my bloodstream, so coffee has been the most important part of my life. 

Studies say coffee is good and held many health benefits, for example lower your risk of Type 2 Diabetes, prevent from Alzheimer or Dementia, lower risk Parkinson, protect your liver from hepatitis and many other you can find from consuming caffeine.

But besides that many good health benefits about coffee, I find myself recently that coffee is preventing me in a long term healthiness of my body, like the fact that coffee can make you hard to sleep, lack of sleep can be a big problem for you in the long term.

So right now i am not coffee holic anymore, because I just want to be sleep normal and early, and also wake up early to start doing exercises in the morning.  Without limiting coffee consumption, I can't do a normal life. So recently I've decided to stop drinking too much coffee, I am not completely avoiding it, I still drink coffee but for less than 3 cups a week.

In the past, I usually drink coffee using a huge 500 ml glass, and no sugar, it's just taste bad when i added sugar to my big portion of coffee. I drink in the morning to begin my day to day working, coffee really help me focus and warm my body.

Also small thing you need to remember is to not drink coffee while you are on an empty stomach, eat breakfast first before drinking any coffee in the early morning. Strong caffeine level in your blood without no food will cause your body to start shaking, and it just feels bad, can make you are not concentrating on your stuff you are doing.

I am not saying you should completely avoid coffee, coffee is really tasty and its caffeine has been proven to be helpful to boosts our energy and be more focus, but if you drink too much coffee, whatever it is, if it’s too much can be turn to badness. So a glass or two is on weekends is probably okay, but on weekdays, in my case, it prevents me from sleeping normal.

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