What is the Cheapest VPS? Google Compute Engine Vs Namecheap VPS Pulsar

Google Compute Engine Vs Namecheap VPS Pulsar

If you need a cheap server for running your website, there's plenty of company out there offering really cheap VPS server but it capable of handling some thousands of visitors daily for your website traffics.

You don't need to start big when you are just starting your own website or blog, just choose the smallest VPS available will be enough to handle the incoming traffics of visitors of your website, without any lag or any kind of security, performance issues.

I've been using Namecheap VPS service for over 5 years now, so I probably i know it better than other services I've never used. Namecheap has really good service, good customer service and product, it has been my favorite.

Then i recently just tried the Google Compute Engine, it is part of Google cloud platform, to be honest i am using it as production server because it's kind of difficult to manage it.

But from the price perspective here's compassion of Namecheap VPS vs Google VPS.

Namecheap VPS pulsar specs and price

2 CPU Cores
1000 GB Bandwidth monthly limit
$11.88 / monthly

Google Compute Engine Specs and price

2 CPU Cores
n/a Bandwidth monthly limit
$43.03  / monthly

With GCE you can customize different CPU type, size of RAM, etc while Namecheap only offer 2 different kinds of Virtual server, Pulsar as above specs and Quasar slightly have higher specs. So adjusted GCE to have the same specs as Namecheap VPS pulsar.

From the cost, Namecheap is much cheaper than GCE, about 4 times. But i don't believe in cheaper is better, everything match its price. I don't know exactly how, but maybe GCE 4 times better than Namecheap, maybe not.

Next i will try Amazon S3 and compare it to both Google Compute Engine and Namecheap VPS Pulsar.

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