How To Be Success In Life, A Beginners Self Improvement

Success In Life Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash
Who does not want to be a successful person, especially a financial success, Well I bet everybody wants to be a success, a better life, a happy life. The thing is that everybody also know is that to become successful is not an easy journey, through so many obstacles and it requires a self affirmation, motivation and better plans.

If you are someone like, who grew up in a poor, lower class, it is going to be even harder because in this capitalistic society, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer, it’s actually true.

But don’t worry, if you are not from wealthy family, the chance for you to change your social status is still wide open, but it depends on yourself, only you can change yourself.

1.Have a strong motivation, Make your goals vivid

It is hard to do your work if you are lacking in motivation, you are gonna finish it much faster if you have a strong motivation in your mind. So pick one reasons, or whatever your ambitions, your plans or goals and make it as your main motivation source, to fuel yourself to work harder.

Because if you want to achieve success, you need to work hard, and to work hard need motivation.

Whenever you want to start your work, think about your ambitious plans and goals, imagine it in your mind that those things are going to be real, that's a vivid goals is, a sense that your goals is actually happens. It can boost you to work harder and eventually you can become successful.

3. Finish every task you have, Do it Now

Whatever you want to achieve in your life, you can only achieve it if you are working on something, and able to consistently finished them all. You can’t just sit and be a millionaire, you will achieve nothing if you are just dreaming about it.

So, starting from now on, make a list of tasks, and whatever your priority tasks, finish it all, and then move to another tasks.

Be a doer not a dreamer, it means you should not dreaming about your better future but instead work on it.

Don't too much over thinking and never procrastinate. The proportions of someone to succeed is 30% thinking and 70% doing. There are many different principles to get a successful life, but the only thing essential is to just do it now.

3. Focus, get rid of any distraction

As a biological creature, focus or being discipline is not something we can easily do in everyday situations, whenever we go, our mind is wandering around about something else, we sometimes feels not in the presence, and that can us less focus. If you are not focus, you can get anything done.

In this internet age, distractions seems unavoidable, we have our smartphones connected to the internet, and they keep making noise with their popup notifications. If you get distracted a lot by your phone, then just get rid of it, mute or even block the notification unless it is something important like Phone call or incoming text.

You can only reduce your dependent on smartphone either if you don’t have it, and strong will to not using it because it does bad and preventing you from doing the actual things that matter.

There are many keys to succeed, it’s only requires you to work and get it done. But to finish your work you need to have better plans, goals and focus on it.

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