How To Gain Twitter Followers That Still Works in 2020

Twitter Follower, Chart Goes Up

Twitter is kind of old social media, it's not that old but compared to many new social media like SnapChat or Instagram, Twitter is kind of a thing ages ago. But we are gonna talk about Twitter anyway.

Some of us still want more Twitter followers, because it feels pretty fun to have people read our tweets, liking or commenting our tweets, it's still fun to have our voices heard by someone.

The easiest way to gain followers, not just Twitter, but any kind of social media is so simple, you just have to be popular, either you are a celebrity, athlete or whatever people find that you are a fun guy, or maybe you could be just a guy tweeting fun tweets might it could works.

Those are the obvious facts of how many twitter followers you will have. Now there are some technical tricks you can do, these are three different ways of getting more followers on Twitter.

1. Write a lot of tweets with trending hashtag

Write a tweet whatever it is, and put some trending hashtag, for example:

I don't like this #JustinBeiber new song, i love #TaylorSwift

In that example, hashtag JustinBieber and TaylorSwift is the trending topics on twitter, you add more hashtag that's in trending. But be logic and make sure it's related to your tweet when you put those trending hashtags.

You don't have to be smart trying to write this twits, in fact too much thinking will just prevent you from going forward. Just put some fact or whatever words came in to your mind, as long as people can understand, they will start to follow you.

2. Have a fun Twitter handle & Avatar

If you are nobody, it is better to just pick a fun twitter handle or twitter name and  not your real name, because nobody knows you, people don't care about your name or face. Yeah if you are cute, sexy or hot, that could be your advantage by just selling your face people can start you.

But if you are just regular or even ugly face, it is much recommended to find  better name and pics, make sure like it because it's fun or some figures that people think it's cool.

3. Commenting tweet that has many comments

This can be work but requires you to be really active on twitter, start by following as many account with thousands of followers.

Then whenever their tweets appears on you twitter feeds, start doing commenting. Again, don't think too much on what your comment will be, just be present, to just make a glance of notice to other people that you are there.

By commenting on someone's, people will catch you and if you have interesting enough Twitter handle or Avatar, they might click on your profile link. and  start to follow you.

You need to use twitter a lot to do those things. So maybe that's the reasons why you don't have many followers, because you don't put enough effort on your Twitter account, people will not just follows stranger if they don't know what .

It's gonna be hard and take a very long time, if you persistence on doing those things, you will have many twitter followers at the end.

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