New Year Resolutions Of This Blog For 2020 And Me

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I've received countless happy new year email, most of them are not genuine, they don't even mention my name, so it's just a bot email, then I blocked them.

Yeah this is not gonna be an informative thing about technology, if you are a reader of this blog or just want to know about this blog or want to know about me, maybe. You may proceed to read further.
If you aren't interested in it at all, I'll let you to leave, or even better give a comment or some constructive feedback to help me become a better writer. To make the upcoming posts on this blog would be useful at least.

This blog it's been kind of trash, i know there's little something you can get after finish reading some articles on this blog.
It's hard to come out with a really sophisticated idea, and then combine it with a list of useful facts, trying to make it to be not boring. I am still struggle on doing that kind of thing.

To write a funny at the same time an informative material, i want to do that, who doesn't? It's just those things didn't come easy, it's really hard to pick the best words to describe some information we want to present to the reader. I think it's gonna need years of experience in writing, and I am only been in this blog not even a year.

I've been trying really hard to be a mindful writer, I want to only provide to you a quality over quantity articles, it doesn't happen, instead I am just write a lot of trash, an easy stuff any body can do, boring stuff no one would read, and not so useful at all.

This 2019 i have written a lot of garbage contents and published them eagerly without i need to care whether people will like it or not, because I focus more on quantity, and maybe this will continue in 2020.

As a blogger with minim visitors, I believe the way to boost my number of visits will be firstly to increase the number of contents we can provide, until then when we have enough contents, I might start to be more serious, responsible on writing on this blog. I will do some intense research with valid data before publishing the posts.

But as I've already explains on some previous posts, creating quality exciting contents in technology topic everyday is incredibly. It's because the nature of the technology world is not laughing matter, it also the amount of technology advancement and innovation is rarely happen in a day, it can take years or even decades to have a brand new technology we can review. Boringness in tech blog is inevitable.

So if you want to know about this blog a little bit, at the moment this blog is not a personal kind of blog, it will provide mostly a lot of technical and how to stuff. Especially on computer engineering or software development. Lot of problem solving, technique on developing web applications, mobile applications, etc.

As stated on each posts on this blog I am Adam, 23 years old, a software engineer. I have been working on Tech company for about 5 years, not accumulative, but three different companies.

I began to write this blog last year, I've been writing for many blog before but never started it my own. Then I decided last year to commit on writing on my own blog at least one article a day, so far it's not been successful. Human feelings is difficult. I am a lazy person and undisciplined.

About my current job as a software programmer, I hate it. I don't hate writing codes, I just don't like working in a company, it's mundane job, i feel like i write codes with no purpose.

Since starting working in every company I work for, I just don't want to do it, i wanna quit, But it is hard to quit a job, especially when you don't have a back up plan, an income to support us, to keep us doing the things we really like, not doing because of someone's orders.

I don't even care about this job position, all I do all day is making a bunch of to do list, of a task that I need to get done, and try to finish them and then go to this blog, the thing that I really care, writing articles as best as I can.

Working with team also i find it's difficult for me, since I don't like being around other people. Don't get me wrong, I am a nice person, I am humble and respectful toward each other, it's just i am so selective when it comes to social life.

I am an ambitious person, I gave many ambitious plans in my life, so chatting or doing other social activities for me it just feel such a waste of time. I want to maximize every minute i had, to achieve every goal that I've been dreaming of in life, in other words i love working.

Instead of going out to a disco bar or partying, I choose to focus on my goal, I decided that since i am entering junior high school i will stay home and focus on studying after I came back from school. That's when friends start to leave me, and I am on my own.

I believe someday I can achieve everything I want in my life, alone, or maybe need a little help from someone, maybe i need friends, but unless I don't find the person that they have similar ambitions like me, i'll never consider them to be my friend, I met many people, but most of them only just shifting me far from my goals.

That's why I don't want to have more friends, now I am really selective to find a partner, one or two probably enough.

People might see me as a person who has dark personality, but i am very sympathetic guy, almost as soft as my mother, I love people, I don't like watching someone getting hurt, or even cats or animals. When I watch them getting hurt, I feel sad. So yeah, i am soft not that kind of dark personality person, i am smile and respectful.

Enough about myself. Now, why is this post come at 6th January? is it just write this silly blog post take me 3 days?

Yes, it took me a long time, i don't get motivated enough lately to continue writing. Some because I see very little progress on both the total visitors and income from ads. But also because the job I have, I've got to do lots of things,  it is starting to make me crazy. My motivation in writing is low.

Also the fact that writing a blog post is not easy, it's not that hard but it's a tricky thing, especially if you want to constantly writing on a blog like this, with a mindset that I need to write at least one article every single day, it becomes to feel so hard.

Usually wrote one article can take me no more than 3 hours, and it's an accumulative amount of time, mostly I don't write one article in just a single sitting. It can take me up to 3 to 4 sessions, starting in the morning, writing basic outline, put some words in it, try to add up more words in the afternoon, and finishing at night.

So yeah, it's not took that long, But It's hard to continue those cycles to constantly come up with an idea and start writing about it everyday, it's an intimidating process if you don't get used to it, you will never make it.

Writing has always been my passion, it's not like writing codes when you need to solve a lot of problems before the main program can be run and distributed to people, writing in a blog you can just spend some hours and you can publish it and getting feedback from the reader quickly. I love interacting when people especially when it's a mutual positive interaction.

Even though I am still have an actual 9-5  job, and it's just eating my time for writing, and I hate it so much, I will keep doing it, what can i do? maybe it's what life really is. You do whatever it's given to you, and you fight it.

Anyway, I hope this year my writing skills will be improved and hope that it can attract a lot of people coming to read and get a feel of satisfaction information they need. This is not guaranteed but I've been trying very hard to put more effort in writing of this blog.

I hope this year will also bring you happy moment, improve quality in your every aspect of your life, and you to become better so then you can accomplish what you truly want.

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