Helpful Tips If You Want To Write Blog Posts Consistently

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To write consistently on a blog is not easy, especially if you've just started a blog not very long, and it is not making any money yet, you don't feel to continue writing because lack of motivation.

Also technically, writing is difficult, writing a blog post at least one article a day is not an easy thing anyone can do, it can be daunting and stressful for just thinking about the topic you are about to write today, let alone to do it consistently on a daily basis.

So here's what you have to do if you want to keep create and publish content on your blog every day.

1. Have a motivation why you are writing

Think about the benefit of writing,  or the benefit of your blog, maybe it can help somebody, maybe it can be your source of revenue. Choose whatever reasons as your motivation why are you writing on your blog, you can't hope for something to be done if you don't have motivation.

Why do you want to write blog posts consistently? Maybe it can be a financial reason, you want to quit your job and hope to make money from blog. It can be social, you want to spread your knowledge in your blog, or maybe because you think that writing is fun, and you want to improve your writing skills, to become a professional writer.

Motivation is like fuel for a rocket, without it, the rocket just gonna sit there on a rocket launcher, can not explore the vastness of the galaxy. Your mind can be stagnant if you lack of motivation.

2. Allocate time to write

If you have a tight schedule from your day to day job, or you are a social person, maybe you working in corporation that took all of your time, no left for taking care of your blog you've just started.

But if you already decided to create a blog, commit yourself to at least login to your Blog platform, create title or some sort paragraphs or outlines, and you can come back whenever you have spare time, to edit it and put some ideas again, finish it little by little, and eventually publish a post at least 2-3 articles a week if you think one article a day is impossible.

At least don't leave your blog inactive for months and months without any new articles published.

You can allocate your spare amount of time to take care of your blog, in my case I always do it in the morning, before 9 am and after 5 pm.

3. Don't hesitate, put your ideas little by little

Never wait for a perfect ideas or perfect time, as soon  as possible open your document editor, and think about what topic you want to write and write it down the outlines or basic ideas you want to cover on your post, save it as a draft if you have any other business to do.

Come back again on your draft, try to put more words into it, don't think about perfect, fascinating words, just write it down whatever you are capable of it. Sometimes words just doesn't come up easily, maybe you need to little bit push yourself or Google about the topic and read some references. Yes reading is an integral part of writing.

Blogging is tough world, there millions blogs around the world, to survive in this industry, the only major factor is the activeness of your blog. If you have a blog but you are too lazy to update its contents, there's no chance you can make it as a blogger.

Those are three tips I knew and there should be more, but if you follow it i hope that's going to be useful for you. Happy blogging!

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