Reasons Whether To Quit Or Keep Drinking Coffee, Caffeine

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I won't say caffeine is bad for you, in terms of health benefits, several studies reveal that drinking coffee regularly doesn't affect your organs in bad way, unlike drinking alcohol will cause your liver, or smoking will deteriorate your throat and lung. Caffeine does have a positive impact for your organs.

Caffeine which is the main  thing in  coffee is not a harmful substance, here's some pros and cons about coffee so you can decide whether you want to keep drinks coffee or quit.


1. Coffee Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter

Whatever foods or drinks we consume contains energy, but coffee not only gives you energy, it also boosts your energy and make you increasingly aware of your body.

With caffeine in your blood you become totally sober, you can use your full brain capability with the help of caffeine.

2. Can Help You Burn Fat

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, which sends direct signals to the fat cells, telling them to break down fat.

3. Can Drastically Improve Physical Performance

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to reduce fatigue and drowsiness. It may also benefit exercise performance. Research has shown that it can improve endurance and increase muscular strength. As such, it is no surprise that caffeine is a popular go-to performance enhancer for athletes.

4. Contains Essential Nutrients

Coffee contains several important nutrients, including riboflavin, pantothenic acid, manganese, potassium, magnesium and niacin.

5. May Lower Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

They found that people who increased their coffee intake by over one cup per day had an 11 percent lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However, people who reduced their coffee intake by one cup per day increased their risk of developing diabetes by 17 percent.

6. Protect You From Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Caffeine as a protective factor in dementia and Alzheimer's disease. In the CAIDE study, coffee drinking 3-5 cups per day at midlife was associated with a decreased risk of dementia/AD by about 65% at late-life. In conclusion, coffee drinking may be associated with a decreased risk of dementia/AD.

7. May Lower Your Risk of Parkinson's.

The bottom line from all of the available research is that the epidemiologic link between caffeine and a potential lower risk of developing Parkinson's disease is not likely related to a symptomatic effect.   Consumption of coffee or tea seems to reduce the risk of developing Parkinson's


I don't see anything wrong with consuming coffee except these two that I feel it myself when I was a caffeine holic.

1. Addictive

Well it's not addictive as in a drug addiction, but I feel it myself a day without coffee is not a day at all, i feel bad mood, i am like have no stamina or energy, constantly yawning, etc.

Addicted to legal substance is not something wrong, and also  the benefit of coffee may you can feel in the short and long term make the addiction is a favorable addiction. But whatever addiction it is, it's still bad behavior, what if suddenly the production of coffee plummeted and the price skyrocketing, that can happen, and because you are addicted to coffee, you willing to spend whatever price coffee can be.
Even in normal coffee price like these days, if you addicted to coffee, or coffee maniac, you are craving, you are trying to find the best coffee you can consume, and it can cause you financially.

2. Insomnia

Drink coffee in the morning may not cause you insomnia, but if you drink coffee after noon, that's why i can't hardly sleep in the night, i feel tired and constantly yawning but still can not close my eyes. So it's not good if you are a morning person like me.

Getting up in the morning is quite positive activity, you can start doing exercises, yoga, meditation, reading books, or even start working on your project. Morning is the best time to focus on whatever you are doing that you believe it will have a positive impact on your future.

Some even says that coffee can extend your lifespan, but there's no proven scientific study to prove that rumor.

I've been drinking coffee a lot, in the past, because I love its tastes and help me to boost energy, make me warm in the morning, and also can keep me awake while doing my work on the night

But after i decided that i don't want to keep awake after 9, because i want to morning person, because I feel it makes me more productive, then I stop drinking coffee, not totally avoid coffee, but just minimize my caffeine consumption, before the days I drink coffee regularly at least a big glass of coffee a day, and now it sometimes only 1 or two cups a week.

Some health care professionals do drink coffee a lot, they do so generally because coffee can boost their energy, I don't really recommend children or anyone in high school to drink coffee because you don't need it, because children already got loads of energy so you don't need to boost

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