Asian Market Improve A Bit After Monday Plunges Cause Of The Corona Virus

Today’s Asian Market is in green after starting the week in a total red, because of the Corona Virus. This is the Shanghai composite index looks like showing the performance of the last week charts. It’s in a crazy dive, plunging about 8.6% at Monday's closing.

Shangai composite index fell over 8% cause of corona virus

Today, all of the Asian market trying to recover the damage, overthought the sentiment about the virus is still covered in most of public mass media.

Tuesday February 4, 2020, Shanghai composite index tries to stabilize its position by going up about +1.34% to level 2,783.29 after a massive loss in Monday.

Japan’s Nikkei NIK gained as little as +0.49%, compared with South Korea’s KOSPI a bit better, a +1.84% strong gains.

FBMKLCI in Malaysia up about  +0.91%, Taiwan Y9999 gained in, +1.77%  , Singapore STI, +1.29%   and Indonesia JAKIDX, +0.65% .

Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 XJO, +0.37%   rose 0.3% as the Reserve Bank of Australia left its benchmark interest rate steady Tuesday.

As a retail trader, i don't want this negative trends to continue. I hope this Corona virus soon can be eliminated, so we all can continue our activities like a normal day.

I didn't enter the market today, because I think the market will be in a bearish trend even today's recovery, because of the Corona virus is no indication of dying off anytime soon.

Yes today is a bit greenish, but unless this corona virus can be eradicated fully, the market will continue in negative, especially in Asian Market. So for now I think i’ll continue to postpone to trade in the stock market.

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