How You Can Start In The Stock or Forex Market If You Are Beginner

Forex Euro / US Dollar Fibonacci Retracement

Today I spent my day looking at the stock market chart, i open different companies, look and study how the prices move. So basically I am not doing any other things beside buying and selling stock my stock shares.

Instead of dealing with my real day to day  job, which today i don’t have, i learnt so many fascinating stuff about how to trade in the stock market, I learn staring at the chart, analyze the movement, and then analyze when I should put a stop loss, when the price will go bad.

And learn how to use many other indicators that can be used to predict the price movement. It started to make sense for me, i feel that i am beginning to be a real trader.

I’ve already stated before that I am just a beginner trader, but not actually beginner, I've been doing online trading before, in the Forex market, but keep ended up lose my money, because i don’t learn it seriously, I am still very young, I don't have enough money and enough motivation to start online trading and learn about it deeply.

This time, i am 23 years old, i don’t know what to do with my money, so i decided to start learning, but this time, i will take it seriously until I can make enough profit, so i can quit my current job, and begin to start my own business that I've been planed for so long, or maybe find another job if it’s more promising.

This trading chart from is amazing, is modern, fast, rich feature, really easy to manage and navigate, like adding indicators, zooming, changing frame time, etc. So much enjoy using tradingview.

Currently i am using free tradingview  account because I am still not a pro trader, but after I began to be better trading, and consistently making money from the market, I would definitely upgrade my account to the very expensive plan.

Tradingview free account is already amazing, it already has a very minimum feature for beginner to start learning some technical analysis or maybe jump right away depositing money and buy shares on the market.

If you just want to learn how trade works, find a broker that has an option to start a demo account, so you will not use your real money, you can learn how to buy or sell your shares.

As you already know, the first time I jump on the market was doing Forex. Forex is much more volatile, so I recommend you if you just want to learn technical analysis, it’s better to start in trading Forex. Don’t use a real account, just start a demo. I am 100% sure you’ll just blow up your money if you start early in a real account.

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